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Starting NPC

Romero Location
Romero Image:NPCRomero2.jpg

Zombie Hunter

Quest Starting Location: Central Flarine
Quest : Zombie Hunter
NPC : Romero
Quest Requirement : Level 15~150
Job: VAGRANT ~ HERO and Chainsaw
Objective : Kill 50 Male Zombies and 50 Female Zombies

Female Zombie x50
Male Zombie x50

Reward: 2000 penya and

Zombie Hunter Token x5

Quest Text:

"Now that you have a weapon that can really do some damage to these Zombies, I need you to start removing some Zombies before they outnumber us. Are you willing to lend us a hand *chuckle*?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Great! I need to you to kill 50 Male Zombies and 50 Female Zombies. Come back to me when you complete this task and I will reward you handsomely."

Denying Quest Text:

"Hmm.. I know they look like Humans, but they are really not. We need to do something about this fast!"

During Quest Text:

"There are still too many zombies out there, the roads are not safe. Get back to work!"

Completed Quest Text:

"Looks like you took out a good chunk of Zombies out there. Here is a Zombie Token for your troubles. Take it to Brooks for a reward, I understand he is exchanging them for some good prizes."

Next Stage in Quest

  • Token Exchange
Brooks will happily exchange your tokens for the prize of your choice
Event Exchange
Token Icon Item
8 image:Zombie Hunter Box 2013.png Zombie Hunter Box 2013
80 image:Survivor’s Cloak.png Survivor’s Cloak
175 image:Zombie Hunter’s Cloak.png Zombie Hunter’s Cloak

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Continent Content Color Reference:
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Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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