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Starting NPC

Romero Location
Romero Image:NPCRomero2.jpg


Quest Starting Location: Central Flarine
Quest : ZOMBIES!
NPC : Romero
Quest Requirement : Level 15~129 Job: VAGRANT ~ HERO
Objective : Bring 10 Gas Cans to Romero.

  • Gas Can's drop from Masquerpets lvl 15+

Gas Can x10
Image:Gas Can.png

Reward: 200 penya and 500 exp


Quest Text:

"Hey you! We really need some help here! Zombies have finally invaded the lands of Madrigal and it’s not a pretty sight. I have just the right “tool” to remove these Zombies but not enough resources to freely hand them out. Are you willing to help me obtain some resources so we can remove the Undead from the land?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Please bring me 10 Gas Cans. You can find them by defeating any masquerpets of a decent level. Once you have them all, come back and see me."

Denying Quest Text:

"Very well then. Come back if you change your mind."

During Quest Text:

"You haven’t brought back enough Gas Cans. Please find some more."

Completed Quest Text:

"Excellent. Now you have enough fuel for a Chainsaw. The Chainsaw is a highly effective weapon against the Zombies. I must warn you though, there is only enough fuel for 24 hours."

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Continent Content Color Reference:
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Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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