Yggdrasil Leaves

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Starting NPC

Mayor of Flarine Location
Mayor of Flarine Image:NPCMayor of Flarine2.jpg

Yggdrasil Leaves

Quest Starting Location: Central Flarine
Quest : Yggdrasil Leaves
NPC : Mayor of Flarine
Quest Requirement : Level 150+
Objective : Take the Good Soil to the mayor.

Mayor of Flarine

Reward: Yggdrasil Leaf

Quest Text:

"Did you notice that the monsters from the Mars Mine have left the place in a hurry? Something terrible must have happened there. If you bring me some good soil, I can start with my investigations. I will give you an Yggdrasil leaf in exchange! If you bring the items I asked for, I'll give you some Yggdrasil leaves."

Accepting Quest Text:

"Thank you! It is said that you can get Good Soil from Collins, the collection manager."

Denying Quest Text:

"It's hard to get Good Soil."

During Quest Text:

"There's still a shortage. It's hard to get the right soil and materials."

Completed Quest Text:

"Oh! Thank you very much! If you bring the same stuff tomorrow, I can give you more leaves."

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