White Day Event + The Grey Earl and Sapyhryan Invade!!!

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image:White Day Event + The Grey Earl and Sapyhryan Invade!!!.jpg

Greetings Flyffers and welcome to a new week of events!

We've got two things going on for you today so pay attention and check it out!

The White Day Event

Based off of a popular Asian tradition of the same name, there's a new quest event for all you Flyffers to enjoy.

Although the Love/Hate rewards have been handed out to you all, you'll notice that Angel and Devil are sticking around in Flarine for far longer than they should. The reason? Well, to give you a hint, it has something to do with love! You see the Devil has a crush on the Angel and there's a whole quest chain involved with their love affair! Speak to both of them to find out how you can help them and be rewarded with some cute gifts! Additionally, Bongboyaju nearby will also collect some of your leftover questies for some cute ribbon prizes!

For Additional information :

  • The White Day Event Quest
    • Wiki Note 1: The chain quest can only be done once per character!
    • Wiki Note 2: You can now take this quest if you completed it last year on the same character !!!

Bongboyaju's Shop menu
Quantity Event Quest Item Item Icon
500 image:Pieces of Plastic.png Pieces of Plastic Pink Corsage (F) image:Pink Corsage (F).png
500 image:Soft Petals.png Soft Petals White Corsage (F) image:White Corsage (F).png
500 image:Magic Shard.png Magic Shards Yellow Corsage (F) image:Yellow Corsage (F).png
500 image:Mysterious Dye.png Mysterious Dyes Blue Corsage (F) image:Blue Corsage (F).png

Grey Earl and Sapyhryan Invade!

You'll also notice some familiar but curious critters wandering around Madrigal this week. These are none other than the infamous Gray Earl and Saphyryan. These guys are a menace and are terrorizing the good citizens of Flyff and want nothing more than to make a mess of things. You know the drill! Hunt them down and kill em all! Besides, phat loot awaits those who make the effort!

Enjoy the events Flyffers and stay classy in Madrigal!

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