Welcome to Mocomochi!

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image:Welcome to Mocomochi.jpg

Greetings Flyffers!

Welcome the newest server to EFlyFF - Mocomochi!

There's been a lot of anticipation surrounding this wonderful new server and I'm sure players new and old will come to enjoy this home over the next few weeks, months, and years to come.

Treat her well Flyffers, she's the newest FlyFF has to offer!

To get things started off right, and as a welcome to Mocomochi, we're quite please to announce that this cluster is being treated to a 1 MONTH LONG 2x EXP Event and a 2x DROP EVENT!

There's not much else to say other than that Flyffers and future Mocomochians.

You know what to do now! Log in and make what you can of your new home!</font

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