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image:WEEKEND Mocomochi Event.jpg

Greetings Flyffers!

It's certainly going to be a funtastic Friday with all those Mocomochis running around in game. To top things off however - you guessed it, we've thrown together an awesome weekend sale to spice things up over the next few days!

Now in the Cash Shop with savings of up to 50% OFF, we've got the Weekend Super Scroll Bundle Sale going on!

Just check out these awesome bundles now in the Special Offers section of the Premium Shop:

That's some hawt stuff on our digital shelves despite the fact that we're now in the Fall season and closely approaching the winter season. Snatch em up, grab em, and get to upgrading your equips to leet status.

Enjoy it Flyffers and have fun keeping Madrigal safe during your weekend excursions!

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