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WEBZEN is a global leading online entertainment creator. Their mission is "To provide networked entertainment contents, we will make the gamers all over the world experience a completely new value and enjoyment. Transcending the cultural and regional difference among world gamers, we are preparing various and innovative portfolio to provide world gamers new experiences. To realize the future online entertainment we envision, WEBZEN will be frontier to accomplish our objectives."



image:Flyff_logo.jpg image:Rappelz_logo.jpg image:Sevencore_logo.jpg
Flyff Rappelz Sevencore
image:Aow_logo.jpg image:Arch_lord_logo.jpg image:C9_logo.jpg
Age of Wulin Arch Lord 2 C9
image:Mu_logo.jpg image:Mu2_logo.jpg
MU Online MU Rebirth

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