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Volkane Dungeon

Volkane Dungeon
Volkane Dungeon
Long ago there was a war that ravaged the land of Madrigal. This war, like so many others, forged Heroes in the flame of conflict. These Heroes gave their lives to defeat the evil goddess Shade.
Mysterious Robe Boy: "Wise guardians I greet you. "
Guardian: "Well met young traveler have you come seeking the gifts that are ours to give. If so I am afraid that you have not yet proved yourself worthy"
Mysterious Robe Boy: "I am not here for any gifts great one, I have gifts of my own. I've come to warn you."
Guardian: "Warn us! If this is some threat to receive the gifts..."
Mysterious Robe Boy: "That are yours to give, yes I heard you the first time. My warning is just that, a warning!"
Guardian: "And what would you warn us of stranger, of wandering Kerns or miss placed Popcranks, these things are not our concern. We are here to guide those that are worthy down the path of the hero"
Mysterious Robe Boy: "I have come to warn you of an approaching evil, something that would tear the world apart, were it not stopped. Do your part, guide your hero's and I will ask no more of you."
Guardian: "Ask of us? Who are you to ask of us. We will do as we have always done. We will do as we please."
Mysterious Robe Boy: "You were not around for the battle with Shade. You would not remember the fires, the battle, the smoke that choked the sky at all hours. I would not see that happen again. There's a dragon coming."
Guardian: "A dragon? There are no dragons only Red Meteonyker and his kin, trapped in their dungeon unable to awaken until Rhisis returns."
Mysterious Robe Boy: "Exactly!"
Guardian: "You can not mean Rhisis... That is ridiculous she can't have come back!"
Mysterious Robe Boy: "Guide your hero's, guide them to the greatness they have been seeking. It is time to for them to save the world all over again."
Guardian: "And you mysterious wanderer what will you do?"
Mysterious Robe Boy: "I'll do what I can"
Mysterious Robe Girl: "Are they ready yet?"
Mysterious Robe Boy: "We'll see!"

Are we ready? Come and challenge the Red Meteonyker and his kin.

Volkane Dungeon is accessible from the Darkon 3 continent.

Dungeon Particularities

All Masquerpets are aggravated. This is not an Instance Dungeon so other players will be present.
Entrance Fee

To enter one must complete the quest given by the Mysterious Robe boy. He demands a

Quests Available

Entrance to the Dungeon.

Quest Items Found Here
Coming Soon

This dungeon is for level 112 ~ 120


This is a regular dungeon so masquerpets hit a little bit harder here then on normal map.

What evil does this Caoin Gate Keeper guard?
What evil does this Caoin Gate Keeper guard?

Unique Items that can be obtained

Volkane Dungeon does not contain item uniquely found here.

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