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The following is a summary of changes made in the update to Version 20.

Released: 16 August 2016

Title: Turning Point part.1

V20 Change Log

  • Maximum Level Increase: With the new version v.20, the highest level has been increased from 150 to 155.

New levels are important to access you and your team to the new dungeon.

  • New Dungeon : The new dungeon nammed Rhisis' Trail is accessible in the city of Eillun, capital of Kaillun Island.
    • To enter in Rhisis' Trail, members of the group must be level 121 or higher, the group leader level 151 or higher and have collected a Rainbow Stone item. All members allowed to enter in the dungeon will be automatically teleport.
    • To obtain the Rainbow Stone, differents ways are possible :
      • Collect this item in Boss and monsters from level 143 ( Ankou's Asylum ) from 156
      • Craft the stone to collectors Managers in Flaris, Saint Morning and Darkon. You will need :
- 3 Topaz pieces
- 3 Ruby pieces
- 2 Sapphire pieces
- 2 Emerald pieces
- 1 Diamond piece

  • Trade this stone for 100 Red Chips (Rewards in Guild Siege ) to the Red Chip Merchant located to Flaris
  • New R Cards : News Cards has been implanted and gave better stats than S Cards.
  • New craft Card System : The new Card Upgrade System has been updated to enable players to craft S and R cards. The system is the same than the older, to craft a S card, you must use 10 A cards and to craft a R card, you must use 10 S cards.
To protect cards during combination, a new item has been added : Destruction Preventive Scroll. With the scroll, if the craft combination fail, any card will be destroy.
  • New item reward Guild Wars : A new cloak Skeleton Devil's Cloak has been implemented in the Guild Wars Event.
    • The cloak is given to the guild which win the Guild Wars and it appears in the guild chest at the end.
    • Bonus of Skeleton Devil's Cloak : All Stats +20, Additional HP +20%, Speed +15%, Critical Damage +15%, Additional Attack Power +10%.
  • Extension of inventory slot : The inventory has been expanded with 12 more slots.
  • New quickly sort button : A new quickly sort button has been added to reorganize the inventory.
  • Deletion of Market place : Market place has been removed, and the old system has been reinstated, players can open shops in Madrigal except in the arena. Market system still available with NPCs in Flaris, Saint Morning and Darkon. Items in the Auction house increased to 60.
  • HP Recovery Potion effect increased 20 000 to 50 000.
  • Evasion rate of monsters lvl 121 and more has been reduced
  • Dungeons have been modified to allow players to re-enter : if you was kicked out of a dungeon (disconnected or similar), you can go back strait again after loggin.
  • Added a new setting to the options menu : It’s possible to move your character diagonally.
  • Lord Election : Minimum number of active players has been removed.
  • New channel appeared for Premium Island.
  • New character Windows has been added with HP, MP, FP and EXP information.
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