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The following is a summary of the changes made in the update to Version 15

  • Level Cap Increased!

Heroes, dust off that old equipment, sharpen those blades, and get ready to train. Who will be the first to reach level 129 HERO?

  • Each level gained from 121-129 grants 3 STAT Points.
  • Players receive 50% EXP of normal at those levels.
  • Amplification Scrolls will work appropriately.
  • Valley of the Risen
    • A long time has passed now since Shaduwar was discovered. As time passed, the population in Shaduwar grew and many of the inhabitants dreamed of discovering a new continent for themselves. Some of these folks left to realize that dream, and never returned. Some say they were eaten by the hungry Masquerpets, but truth be told they found that place they were looking for hidden deep in a beautiful valley tucked away in the far reaches of Shaduwar.
  • Catacombs of Anguish
    • Deep in the Valley of the Risen, a natural cave has been discovered. Many adventurers have set out to explore this mysterious cave, never to return. Entire search parties have never been seen again. Some say this cave is the entrance to a crypt, where cursed souls were banished by Rhisis long ago. Are you brave enough to enter such a place?
  • The Wilds & The Savage Wilds
    • Floating islands off the coasts of Darkon 1 recently exhibited some strange characteristics. Eyewitnesses reported seeing large explosions of brilliant light overhead. Upon investigation, the islands themselves appeared to have transformed into a beautiful oasis’s with trees, flowers, and… mysterious gateways! Curious adventurers wandering into these gateways will discover beautiful but dangerous new areas.
  • Buff Pet System
    • That’s right, Raised Pets and Pick Up Pets weren’t enough! We have an all new and exciting Pet Class for you. Now you can get your little furry friends to take a more active role in the fight. You we be able to find various Beads to boost your stats and to increase your already mighty strength. With Beads to raise everything from Critical Hits to Magical Spell Damage, everyone will be able to benefit from this new system. Don’t panic if you already have a Pick Up Pet, you will be able to transform them into a Buff Pet.
  • New Masquerpets!
    • Several new masquerpets have been seen, roaming about both in the new dungeons and in the Valley of the Risen. These new Monsters range in levels appropriate to their locations. Beware, the Valley of the Risen is not for the weak!
  • New Weapons
    • Two new sets of Ultimate Weapons have been added to the world. Brave The Wilds to find the new Level 75 Lusaka Weapons. If those aren’t enough for you, then you will have to venture into The Savage Wilds and hunt for the Lusaka’s Crystal Set.
  • New Armor Sets
    • One set of armor has been included for each job, but don’t get to excited, these bad boys are for Level 125 and Up! You will have to venture in the depths of the Valley of the Risen if you want to complete one of these sets!
  • New Accessory Sets
    • Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man I wish these earrings did more than just brought out the color of my eyes…” Well, your time has come! With Four new Accessory sets you will get even more out of your Jewelry than ever before!
  • Guild Housing System
    • This new system is for more than just bragging. You get some great benefits here. The most notable are great stat buffs, Tax Free Vendor, and Teleportation! Oh yeah, there is a little something called Bubble Time now…
  • Mentor and Pupils System
    • You still want more EXP??? Fine, here you go! There is a catch though… we want you helping out the nabs! The more nabs you help, the more EXP we give you. Get to Darkon to learn more.

Client Updates:

  • Battle Music
    • You asked for it. The return of an old favorite. Simply start a fight and sit back and be blown away.
  • New Quests for the The Wilds and the Savage Wilds
    • Of course with the new instances we have added some motivation. Find new quests for both of these instances.
  • New Quests for The Valley of the Risen
    • As if the new area wasn’t challenging enough, we have added some difficult quests pitting you against these unforgiving mobs. Visit Jano in Shaduwar for details.
  • Extension of previous Chain Quests
    • I hope you did the Quest Chain from V14. This one picks up right where that one left off. A lot more light will be shed on Mr. Hunts adventures!
  • Updates to the Quest System
    • Since we have given you so many new quests we also decided to upgrade the overall Quest System. We have revamped the Quest Window including some new tabs and drop downs for organization. The most impressive upgrade here can be found once you have selected a Quest to follow. A new window will pop up and it will help you keep track of the progress. A few other improvements include a locator on the Map and scrolling quest boxes for NPCs. We hope this makes questing a little more efficient for you all!
  • New Right Click Feature
    • No need to hold ALT anymore, simply Right-Click on a player to get the Information Drop Down.
  • Item Comparison
    • When you hover over a piece of equipment a comparison window will appear so you can easily compare it to it's respective part of your current equipment.
  • Pet Re-Summon
    • No longer will you and your Pet be separated! If you move too far away from your Pet, it will automatically re-summon right to your side.
  • Safe Upgrade Upgrade
    • You are now able to use the Safe Upgrade System for Elemental Upgrading on Weapons and Suits.
  • Pet Feed Creation
    • You Inventory will be automatically opened when you make Pet Feed
  • Guild Siege Update
    • All windows are closed when you enter Guild Siege
  • Skill Window Update
    • When you open your skills window no skill is preselected (to prevent you adding points accidently to vagrant skills).
  • Several Text Updates
    • If you participated in the BETA you know there were some minor text issues. We tried to fix everything we saw and everything that was reported to us. The beads received the attention they needed, quests got some polish, items got some love, and of course all the little random areas that were pointed out were addressed. There will still be some issues that we hope to clean up by next week.
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