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The following is a summary of changes made in the update to Version 13.

  • The continent of Coral Island was added, including related items and monsters.
  • Coral Island has two channels.
  • Rainbow Race was added, including related items and NPCs.
  • Couple System was added, pressing F button brings up the couples window.
  • Housing System was added, including related items and NPCs. Pressing Y button brings up the furniture window.
  • You can buy furniture at the House NPC. (They add no bonusses and expires after 30 days when activated)
  • Furniture was first added to the Cash Shop.
  • In-game map (pressing M button) improved by including monster locations.
  • Scroll of Pet Name Change (Raised Pet) was first added to the Cash Shop.
  • Pet Tamer now has the Remove Rename option.(Related to the new Cash Shop item - Scroll of Pet Name Change (raised pets))
  • Elemental upgrades increased to +20 maximum. All element cards now say +1 ~ +20 in description.
  • Scroll of Element Change was first added to Cash Shop.
  • First job change items are now Event items (can not be traded).
  • Character Status window was lengthened. (T Button)
  • Character Window was changed. (H Button) Flying lvl and associated info has been removed from the character window. The window now has two tabs, Character and Fame/Master. The Character tab contains Base, Detail and PVP/PK info. The Fame/Master tab contains the In-game achievements obtained.
  • In-game achievements were added replacing the old fame titles from pvp that were removed.
  • Arrows and bless posters can now be purchased at a maximum of 9999 at a time and can now be stacked to 9999.
  • Quest and NPC text have been redone to improve them and fix text errors.
  • Buffs now have a set order. No matter what order you cast the buffs, the buffs will appear in the same order.
  • Red Chips are now purchasable from the secret room manager by the secret room winners only.
  • Quest navigator added, shows the distance away from a selected Quest related NPC.
  • Some NPC designs have been changed.
  • The new maximum amount of penya that an item can be sold at in a private shop is now 2,099,999,999.
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