Vengeful Fortune Box - Acquisition (High)

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image:Vengeful Fortune Box - Acquisition (High).png
Cost: 400 gPotatoes
Count: 1, 1
Info: This special chance box contains Scroll of Acquisition (High) x1 and Mithril Fortune Token x1.

This Fortune Box also has the chance to give you extra items at no extra cost and even features a new, never before released cloak as part of the chances! This special cloak is the Vengeful Cloak of the Wyrm that provides +13% Critical Chance, +17% Speed, and +100 Attack Power

The following items have a random chance to appear in your inventory upon purchase of this Fortune Box:

In addition you will get the following item:

Note that the Vengeful Cloak of the Wyrm is worth 50 Mithril Fortune Tokens. Contact to redeem!

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