V17 Champions of Madrigal Launch Party!

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image:Champions of Madrigal Launch Party.jpg

Greetings Flyffers!

You're all no doubt excited to get back onto the live servers now that V17 has launched, and you'll be even more excited to hear that we've got a party waiting for you right now!

To commemorate the launch of V:17 Champions of Madrigal, we're hosting the following awesome events:

V17 Champions of Madrigal Launch Party!

2.5x EXP for 2 WEEKS BABY!!! This EXP event ends on June 5th, 2011. Just before the server merges ^^.

Attack Power +300 - All Flyffers will be treated to a boosted +300 attack for 2 weeks as well! It's like Rhisis made you all really buff for 2 weeks!

Additionally the Log In Event continues through to the end of the month!

Like we said, it's a party right now on the servers, and this is no doubt going to be the busiest time to be a Flyffer with the server merges just right around the corner!

Enjoy it everyone, have a blast, and try not to pass out on your keyboards!

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