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This article has a To Do list located here.

Hey everyone!

This is my little thing about who I am and what I do

I'm going to work on it a little later because its not the most important thing to edit at the moment, and my school hates my guts (a.k.a Homework)

But anyway for now, no pictures.


My Characters

On Lawolf

  • Starblaster1234 - 85 and probably not leveling anytime soon (unless you want to partner me?)
  • SBBJ - Bow Jester (Almost...I think its level 58 but I gave up on it because it gets boring very quickly)

On Mia

  • Starblaster1234 - AoE Knight (currently active on him)
  • StarblasterRM - Ringmaster (Currently a Vagrant...No idea how far thats going to go)

I will write more and post pictures, but for now, Enjoy flyff (and feel free to message me on any of my characters if you need help with anything! Most of the time I will help you unless I'm in the middle of an AoE ^^;).

About Me

I like to brag so here goes =P

-I have been playing flyff since Pre-beta (a small moment where the open beta for the game didn't start. It was about a week-long period where we did the final testing for the game to open in beta) with about 5 other players if I remember correctly. None of these other players play anymore, so I take pride that I've been playing the game for the longest time literally =P.

-It was actually my friend who introduced me to the game...I don't remember what his name was ingame (I could probably ask him later if whoever's reading this really wants to know) but he showed me the game, and as soon as I logged into pre-beta, he started flying around me (he was level 20 at the time which back then was a huge accomplishment) and the only thought in my mind was "This is so freakin cool and better than Runescape".

Okay...done bragging.

Me and the Wiki

I got introduced to the Wikipedia by my friend, and then again (after the wiki went live) by cesca a little while ago. I hope I will be able to give as much information as I can (except I'm not too knowledgable with the new quests, but I'll do my best).

Currently known Editors:

Active Editors

Piccolo Status: Active Lead Editor
NyKo Status: Active Editor
WikiGuest Status: Active Editor
Serabell Status: Active Editor


jasenm222 Hi, since we are still more or less leader less. I decide to post the link to the forum I made a while ago. We need a place to meet. Go to the help page log in and the address is in a tag at the to of the page when you enter the edit tab. Help:Contents

jasenm222 I added a to do list template to everyone's page. Then added links to them in Editors Corner in Community. This way we can see what is being done by the other editors.

jasenm222 Hi, we our trying to setup a meeting. Saturday, march 6th, 9ish AM eastern us time (gmt-5) on msn. If either me or cesca do not have your msn please pm one of us on forum so we can add you to conversation. The meeting will be to discus what is to become of the wiki. Do we need new editors? What still needs to be done? So on ans so forth. If you have questions or concerns jot them down so we can discus then. Once the existing editors are all on the same page we will then approach the GM's.Jasenm222 08:17, 1 March 2010 (PST)

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