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Hello all, im a fairly new flyff wiki mod member. I became a flyff wiki mob on Feburary 5th if im not mistaken so i might be a little noob on most of the flyff wiki tools and such but i do have the basics down ^^;. If any of you see any noob mistakes that ive made try not to be to hard on me =p. also feel free to PM me and or the other flyff wiki mods if you see anything wrong with the wiki or something that needs adding that we havent added.


About me

Well, im 18 Years old and is from Louisiana. my Real name is Ivan but most of my friends call me Jay (a nickname that started long ago when i first joined flyff and has a long story behind it =p). But only two people i know of call me by the nick name Ivy and those two happen to be very close to me. only two other friends call me by my real name and they also happen to be very close to me. I love video games and always have been, I even plan on becoming a game designer in the future and will be taking classes for that next school year. I started flyff in December of 2006 and fell in love with it ever since then. before flyff i was playing mainly Console Games and but ever since i started flyff i took a very long break from console games. I still love console games and once i get Super Smash Bros Brawl im probably going to take a long break from flyff, but it will only be temporary =p flyff is also the first and only MMORPG i play. I was never a fan of MMORPGs but i gave flyff a try because of a friend who always begged and bothered me to play it and well the rest is history. Ive played other MMORPGs like Maple story and Perfect world but those games were very very short lived and now i only play flyff. I currently have a level 91 Billposter in flyff and my IGN is SSJ5Gogeta. I also love Anime hence the name i have =p. Dragon Ball Z is one of my most favorite animes if not my most favorite and thats the show that got me into anime. the Anime i like seems to Not go so well with hardcore anime fans and everyone seems to despise the animes i like so i wont mention the names here in an attempt not to get flamed by the Anime community, infact im probaly already going to get flamed for mentioning Dragon Ball Z =p.

My Flyff Cluster

weill I play on the Mia Cluster. Im mainly on s4 or s3 when im training and just hanging out with friends. I go to server 1 mainly for the arena or to sell/buy things other wise im not on there because its so laggy x.x.

all time Favorite Games

1. the legend of Zelda series ( i LOVE this game, the Zelda series is by far my most favorite game series)

2. Resident evil series

3. Super Smash Bros Series

4. Super Mario series (i grew up on Mario so i will ALWAYS love it, Mario is what got me into video games =))

5. flyff

6. Halo

7. Metroid prime series

Flyff Wiki Editors

Active Editors

Piccolo Status: Active Lead Editor
NyKo Status: Active Editor
WikiGuest Status: Active Editor
Serabell Status: Active Editor


Lurockia : Lurockia is in your wiki making your userwebs. =D *gets rock thrown at self* "Get to work!" x_x

Viz: Awesome, a console fan. Nintendo forever!

Cesca I need your MSN Addy ASAP for our first Wiki Meeting that I will be scheduling soon!!, add me whenever.

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