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Saint Morning

level15 ~ 60 monster

Masquerpets found in the area of Saint Morning
Low Normal Captain Boss
Bang Captain Bang Boss Bang Giant Bang
Member of the Violet Magician Troupe Arc Master of the Violet Magician Troupe
Small Flybat Flybat Captain Flybat Giant Flybat
Small Wagsaac Wagsaac Captain Wagsaac Giant Wagsaac
Small Mia Mia Captain Mia Giant Mia
Stale Mr. Pumpkin Mr. Pumpkin Rotten Mr. Pumpkin Giant Mr. Pumpkin
Red Mantis C Red Mantis B Red Mantis A Giant Red Mantis
Small Jack the Hammer Jack the Hammer Captain Jack the Hammer Giant Jack the Hammer
Small Giggle Box Giggle Box Captain Giggle Box Giant Giggle Box
Small Rock Muscle Rock Muscle Captain Rock Muscle Giant Rock Muscle
Small Bucrow Bucrow Captain Bucrow Giant Bucrow
Small Hobo Hobo Captain Hobo Giant Hobo
Small Dumb Bull Dumb Bull Captain Dumb Bull Giant Dumb Bull
Small Totemia Totemia Captain Totemia Giant Totemia
Maid Cardpuppet Cardpuppet Manager Cardpuppet Boss Cardpuppet

All creature levels are represented by Normal size Monster. Meaning all Bangss may be present in Bang area.

Image:Saint Morning_Mob.jpg


level23 ~ 143 monster

This is an Instance Dungeon.
Masquerpets found in the area of Colosseum
Normal Line up Legendary Line up
Colosseum Giant Bang Colosseum Khan
Colosseum Giant Wagsaac Colosseum Lykanose
Colosseum Giant Red Mantis Maximus Rex gPotato
Colosseum Giant Jack the Hammer Colosseum Asmodan
Colosseum Giant Bucrow Colosseum Drakul
Colosseum Giant Hobo Colosseum Guan Yu Heavyblade
Colosseum Giant Rockepeller Colosseum Razgul
Colosseum Rex gPotato Colosseum Kheldor
Colosseum Giant Steam Walker Colosseum Keokuk
Colosseum Giant Grrr Colosseum Ankou
Colosseum Giant Greemong
Colosseum Giant Luia
Colosseum Giant Gongury
Colosseum Giant Kern
Image:Colosseum Mob.jpg

Ivillis Dungeon

level45 ~ 70 monster

Masquerpets found in the area of Ivillis Dungeon
Low Normal Captain Boss
Ivillis Crasher
Ivillis Guardian
Ivillis Poisoner
Ivillis Red Otem
Ivillis Quaker
Ivillis Wrecker
Ivillis Destroyer
Ivillis Black Otem
Ivillis Boxter
Ivillis Puppet
Ivillis Mushellizer
Ivillis Thief
Image:Ivillis Dungeon_Mob.jpg

Ivillis Leanes Temple

level68 ~ 70 monster

Masquerpets found in the area of Ivillis Leanes Temple
Low Normal Captain Boss
Ivillis Guardian
Ivillis Quaker
Ivillis Mushellizer
Ivillis Dandysher Ivillis Leanes
Image:Ivillis Leanes Temple_Mob.jpg
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