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About Me

I'm 17 years old, currently residing in England, in the UK. Reading, writing, and playing video games are just a few of my interests/hobbies. My pet peeves include rap (and anyone who dares to call it "music"), cat-haters, conceited people, and the times when my computer runs slowly. :P I'm generally a friendly person, and am usually willing to talk to new people. Feel free to add me to your MSN (my address is located on the official forums; my profile name is below), but please tell me if you're adding me and let me know who you are. If you remain in my contact list but never talk to me, you will probably find yourself blocked and deleted after a day or so. :3
Fly For Fun
I first joined Flyff back in September of 2006. However, the computer I was using at the time was extremely laggy and could not run the client without running slowly. Therefore, I stopped playing and forgot about Flyff for a while. I was given a new laptop for Christmas 2007 that was perfect for gaming, at which point I remembered Flyff and downloaded it. I have since been actively playing Flyff, but am currently spending more time offline and not really playing any of my characters. [A screenshot of me in-game.]
The Wiki
I became a Flyff Wiki editor on the 8th April 2008. You can find me around the official Flyff forums under "ambiance_"*. My general duties around the Wiki mostly involve fixing spelling/grammar errors and making sure each and every page is easy to understand. I am currently unable to actually play Flyff, and so am concentrating more on the Wiki and my offline life.

Known FlyFF-Wiki Editors:

Active Editors

Piccolo Status: Active Lead Editor
NyKo Status: Active Editor
WikiGuest Status: Active Editor
Serabell Status: Active Editor

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