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Suggested changes for assist class

Skill Suggested Change
image:Assist_Patience.gif Patience Larger effect at maximum level
image:Assist_Prevention.gif Prevention Redistribute effect, last 2 levels are useless* not sure atm, this might have been changed already

Suggested changes for Ringmaster class

Skill Suggested Change
Image:Ringmaster Gvur Tialla.gif Gvur Tialla Needs to be removed from the skill lineup or replaced by a more effective spell.
Image:Ringmaster Geburah Tiphreth.gif Gerburah Tiphreth Self cast aswell as party cast (same targetting system as Healrain)
Image:Ringmaster Holyguard.gif Holyguard Needs a stronger effect against spells.
Image:Ringmaster Merkaba Hanzelrusha.gif Merkaaba Hanzelrusha Needs a bigger weapon modifier
Image:Ringmaster Return.gif Return Needs to be replaced


  • No suggested changes
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