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Urchin Demian

Urchin Demian Pronounced 'ur-chin De-mi-an'

These monsters are supposedly some sort of outcasts living in Flaris, and often cause a bit of mischief wherever they are found. They can be particularly mischievous if encountered by an adventurer and may attack suddenly, but are not dangerous to a more experienced player.

Locating Urchin Demian

Urchin Demian
Image:Urchin Demiannav.jpg
The Demians can be found mainly near Madren Town, which is just at

the end of the path leading north of Flaris. The rest can be found just to the west of the bridge leading to the town.
Family Members

Urchin Demian Statistics

Name Lvl Hp Def M Def Str Sta Dex Int Atk Exp Class Ele
Urchin Demian 9 1454 14 9 15 20 31 26 48 ~ 51 14 Small Image:Wind.gif

Fighting Style

Urchin Demian's Capabilities
Attack-Type/Range/Region 1 ~ 1 / Melee / Close / AOE No Atk Spd: 1 s
Attack-Type/Range/Region 3 ~ 5 / Melee / Close / AOE No Atk Delay: 4.5 s
Attack-Type/Range/Region 5 ~ 7 / Melee / Close / AOE No Recovers HP: No
Fighting Distance: Close Up Runs Away Low HP: 10%
Spawns lesser monsters: No Evades: 15
Call For Help: No Rage: No

Skills Used

Urchin Demian Skills
Skill Weapon Level Pre-Skill Type Region of Effect Description

Available Quests

Quests that involve this masquerpet


Quest Item:
Teddy Bear

17 ~ 27

Biscuit Orange Juice VitalDrink 100
Parmil Set pieces Leaf Set pieces
Pike Gauntlet Pike Suit Silk Gauntlet Silk Suit
Long Sword Hand Claw Rodney Axe
Light Shield


Upgrade Material:





A player, level 9 would need to kill 42 Urchin Demian's to gain next level.

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