Ultimate Lusaka's Crystal Staff

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This weapon is an Ultimate Lusaka's Crystal weapon.

Image:Lusaka's Crystal Staff.png
Two-handed weapon
Attack: 454 ~ 544
Attack speed: Slow
Added bonus:
Decreased Casting Time+21%
Increased Attack+27%
Additional Damage to Monsters [Wind]+7%
Required Job: Elementor
Required Level: 75 Master
NPC Price: N/A

Not available to purchase from NPCs.

Drops from the following Flyff Masquerpets:

Crafted within The Savage Wilds, this finely tuned weapon is tough as nails, but light as a feather. This weapon CAN NOT be crafted from the Crafting system. This weapon is dropped as an ultimate weapon. Once these weapons are equipped, they will be soul linked to your character and CAN NOT be banked, warehoused, traded or sold.

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