USA Flag Cloak Bundle

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image:USA Flag Cloak Bundle.jpg
Cost: 2,900 gPotatoes
Count: 1, 1, 1, 1
Info: Bundle comes with a cloak decorated like the US Flag. Also comes with 1x Raffle Box B, 1x Box of Stamina, and 1x FREE Firecracker Box. Note: This will be the last time the USA Flag Cloak is available in the Cash Shop this year. More details below.

Raffle Box B: If you purchase this box, the lowest value item you will receive is an Azria Ticket (7 Days), but you have the potential to get something of greater value instead.

Box of Stamina: 10 Grilled Eels, 10 VitaldrinkX and 10 Upcut Stones.

Firecracker Box (all fireworks): 1x Rocket Cracker, 1x Heart Cracker, 1x Twister Cracker, 1x Goodbye Bomb, 1x HW Fireworks, 1x Fireshower

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