Trouble-Maker in Pumpkin Village

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Starting NPC

JeongHwa Location
JeongHwa Image:NPCJeongHwa2.jpg

Trouble-Maker in Pumpkin Village

Quest Starting Location: In front of Martin's Magic Shop
Quest : Trouble-Maker in Pumpkin Village
NPC : JeongHwa
Quest Requirement : level 10-15
Objective : Find Mayun in Pumpkin Village.

Mayun's hideout
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Reward: 20,000 penya

Quest Text:

"Hey there, I have a problem. Can you help me? Actually I have 2 kids, one daughter and one son. My daughter has gone missing! This was several years ago with some other missing children... So, my son is the only child I have left. However today... Today he disappeared too!! Both of my kids are now missing. I feel like I can't go on living. Please, will you help me find my son?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"You're amazing! My son used to love the Pumpkin Patch. You should start your search there."

Denying Quest Text:

"If you will not help me, then I have no other choice…"

During Quest Text:


Completed Quest Text:

"Hey, who are you? What? My mom is worried about me? What else is new…? Ugh, fine. I'll go back and let her know I'm okay."

Next Stage in Quest

  • Quest Complete

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