Trick or Treat Box (2008)

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The image:EventBox1.png Trick or Treat Box is an event item that was obtainable during the Halloween Extravaganza Event of 2008. They had the potential to drop from any monster level 15+. Below is a list of some of the items that the box can potentially contain.

image:Lollipop.JPG Lollipop x25
Image:Biscuit.gif Biscuit x25
image:Starcandy.jpg Star Candy x25
Image:PumpkinPie.gif Pumpkin Pie x10
Image:FreshDgukguk.gif Fresh Ddukguk x5
Image:HotDgukguk.gif Hot Ddukguk x5
image:Ampere.gif Giant Mr. Pumpkin Trans x5
image:Ampere.gif Heartless Bang Trans x5
image:EventBox1.png Baby Aibatt (7-days)
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