The Winter Invasion of Saphyryan and Buur!!!

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image:The Winter Invasion of Saphyryan and Buur!!!.jpg

Greetings Flyffers!

The snow has started to fall upon Madrigal marking the winter season! However, amongst the cold, wispy fog of the serene white snowfall, two menacing masquerpets (well one of them looks menacing) have entered the fray. They're fan favorites, made by flyff fans themselves, Saphyryan and Buur are back as a duo to haunt and harass the good citizens of Flyff (that's you guys and gals)!

These mythical beasts will be spawning at random throughout Madrigal and it's your job to hunt them down and eradicate them before they freeze over all your lands. Don't let their majestic forms fool you, they're cold hearted, and cold blooded killers!

Need more motivation to hunt for these creatures? They've got phat loot. Enough said.

Please Note: Drops from event monsters are affected by the new drop system introduced in Version 18.

Enjoy the event Flyffers and have a great winter hunt!

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