The Sweet Bunny Event! + Burr, Saphyryan, and Grey Earl

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image:The Sweet bunny event.jpg

Greetings Flyffers and welcome to Easter Week!


Sure not everyone celebrates the Easter Holiday but that doesn't mean not everyone can enjoy bunnies, eggs and pets!

Brace yourselves though, cause that's exactly what the new Sweet Bunny quest chain event is all about.

You'll notice that the NPC Lia in Eastern Flarine (next to Losha) has a new quest to offer! It's easy, it shouldn't take you longer than 15 minutes, and all you'll need to do is collect 50 Lollipops.

Turn them in though, and you'll be treated to a Little Rabbit Quest Item, an Easter Charm Quest Item, a Green Box, and a 7 Day Pick-up Pet Usagi (she's cute)!

Note that you must have the 2 quest items in your inventory for the entirety of the chain quest. If you want to repeat the quest, you must keep Charm C. If you do not want to repeat the quest, you may delete Charm C once you are done.

You're not done yet though! Shortly after getting all that stuff, you'll be tasked with with finding Lien in Eillun who has more to say about that Little Rabbit Quest Item. She'll want you to find some toys for your new pall - a image:Branka's Leather Ball.png Branka's Leather Ball and a image:Cave Reed.png Cave Reed. Both can be found near the entrance to Ankou's Asylum. Bring them back to Lien and you'll be rewarded with an Easter box of goodies! What's in it? Open it and find out .

The best part of this quest chain? It's repeatable and it's going to be around for 2 straight weeks!

More Info : The Sweet Bunny Event Quest

Note that while the quest chain is repeatable, you can only receive 1 Usagi 7 day pet per character. Additionally, her 7 day timer will count down regardless if she is summoned or not.


Event End: 19th April 2011

Additionally, if you're not into rabbit stuff :*(, you can simply enjoy hunting for some mythical beasts. For the next 7 days, Buur, Saphyryan, and the Gray Earl will be spawning throughout Madrigal. They've got some decent loot, some fun monster balls, and well, you know the rest.

Have fun hunting them down and exterminating some pesky masquerpets!

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