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image:The Silver Heart Exchange Event Banner.jpg

Alot going on this week, Flyffers! Let's start with the sale: BUY 2 GET ONE FREE +BONUS SALE!

Starting Wednesday, May 12th and running until Tuesday, May 18th, we will be having a Buy 2 get 1 FREE sale for *select* Premium Items from the Item Shop! Each day during the sale, at least 2 new bundles will emerge and you will have a chance to take advantage of a great deal! We will be including some V15 items this time around as well, so stay tuned each day to see what's on sale next!

In addition to the below packages, you will also receive special "Drop" buffs that grant a specific +5 bonus stat for 3 minutes. You will receive a different amount of this bonus item depending upon the bundle.

Check back here each day for an updated list of what's available!

Check 'em out, here!

The Buy 2 get 1 FREE Sale has been extended to Friday, May 21st!


Next, lets talk about the event!

Creepy guy in the image? Well don't be afraid, you'll actually be finding 4 of these mysterious hooded men, known as the Silver Heart Merchants hanging out in Madrigal. To be exact, there will be one in each city, and one in Fallen Leaf Camp. What are they there for? They're around to collect image:Silver Heart.png Silver Hearts which will be dropping off of any regular Masquerpet level 15 and above. Also note that any old Happy Money still lying around have magically transformed into Silver Hearts and that you can use them for this particular event!

What do the Silver Heart Merchant guys do for you in return? Well, they actually act as a sort of vendor, and the Silver Hearts that you'll be collecting will act as a sort of trade currency for a number of cool items. Here's a list of what they have to offer and the amount of Silver Hearts they require:

This Event will run from May 12th, 2010 - May 25th, 2010. That's two weeks of Silver Heart Grinding!

We hope you enjoy this event FlyFFers, get out there and grind for some hearts!

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