The Mocomochi Event

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Several Madrigal NPCs have been sending us strange images of what appears to be a new masquerpet. It has also been reported that a group of wayward campers in Shaduwar have a video of this bizarre creature. We the GM Team of FlyFF will update you fellow citizens as we can when the material is sent to us.

image:Mocomochi 1.png

image:Mocomochi 2.png

image:Mocomochi 3.png

These images just in.

image:Mocomochi 4.png

This was taken from some skier in Azria...

image:Mocomochi 5.png

while this image was taken by none other than Losha herself...

Losha left us with the following statement, "[I] was taking a picture of my dude friend with a mask but then I noticed this uh thing over there in the grass." She then ran off and said something about cake.

Moving on, we are still awaiting that video from the Shaduwar campers. Apparently they ran into some Bolos and Battle Toadrin and run the risk of having every single one of their bones crushed to powder. BUT we promise to get you that video. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates!


A bloodied Beta Max Cassette has at your own risk O.o

Mocomochi Masquerpet info

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