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image:The Master's Journey The road to 120.jpg

Greetings Flyffers,

Our latest event actually spans just a little under a month and will go from July 27th, 2010 all the way up to August 24th, 2010. While that may seem like a long time, read along and you'll find out why.

This "Master's Journey" is similar to the previous level up event we held in that players are rewarded with some items every time they reach a certain level. The main difference however, is that this event will only apply to newly created characters created from July 28th, 2010 onwards. Furthermore, in addition to the rewards which I will list below, all characters who reach at least level 100 will be entered into a lottery in which you will have a chance to win a brand new, 250 GB Slim XBox 360. Yes that's right, a new XBox 360 I'll have more details towards the bottom of this post, but first let me list the standard leveling rewards.

Upon reaching the following levels, players on new characters created on or after July 28th, 2010 and up to August 24th, 2010 will receive the following items in the in game mail:

Event Rewards
Level Icon Item Quantity
10 image:Sunstone.gif Event Sunstone 2
image:Moonstone.gif Event Moonstone 2
20 image:UpcutStone.gif Event Upcut Stone 3
image:ScrollofBlessing.png Event Scroll of Blessing 3
30 image:gPotato Balloon.png gPotato Balloon 2
image:Pink Event Box.png Event FlyFF Card Box 2
40 image:PurpleBox.png Losha Trans Box 5
image:Coral_Island_Ticket.png Coral Island Ticket (1 Day) 1
50 image:Starcandy.jpg Super Star Candy 3
60 image:ClothesBox.gif Twilight of Darkness Chance Box 3
70 image:Itm_EveBalRGbox.png Awakening Protection Box 3
image:Azria Ticket.png Azria Ticket (1 Day) 1
80 image:ShiningOrichalcum.gif Shining Oricalkum 5
90 image:Shine Glasses.png Fool Glasses 1
100 image:Azria Ticket.png Event Legendary Golden Weapon Coupon 1
image:Azria Ticket.png Event Raffle Ticket 1
110 image:Smile Board.png Smile Board 1
120 image:Little Lykan.png Little Lykan 1

Now I'm sure that list has raised a lot of questions. Let's go ahead and address them ^^;

1.) The Legendary Golden Coupon is a special event coupon that players who reach level 100 during the event will receive. On August 11th's maintenance, a special yet to be named NPC will appear in Flaris in which you can trade your coupon for an Event Legendary Golden Weapon of your choice. This special NPC will remain throughout the remaining duration of the event.

2.) There will be 3 XBox 360s being given out. The higher the level you reach before the event ends, the better your chances at winning the XBox 360. Winners of the XBox 360 should allow us 6-8 weeks for us to ship them their prize. Furthermore, while we will pay all shipping costs related to sending the XBoxes, we cannot cover any customs fees that may be required if you live in another country. Additionally, winners of the XBox 360 will be contacted at their registered email for the account in which their newly created character is on. Finally, there is no limit to how many new characters (created within the specified event dates) you may level in order to win the Xbox 360. Note that upon reaching level 100 you will actually receive a Raffle Ticket in game for the XBox 360 lottery. This is simply to signify that you are indeed entered into the drawing. You DO NOT have to keep it in your inventory, or your bank. Trading it away to another player, character, does NOT enter them into the drawing either.

3.) As listed, the level 10 and 20 rewards, the Flyff Card Boxes, the Legendary Golden Coupon and ANY and all of the Legendary Golden Weapons you may trade in for are Event and non trade.

4.) What's in those various boxes? Open them and find out Furthermore, the Fool Glasses are a never before released mask item, while the Smile Board is a never before released flying board.

I hope that covers it all Flyffers. Enjoy making that nab, have fun starting all over from lvl 1. Good luck with powerleveling your new toon with an alt or your main, and good luck to all those vying for those XBox 360s!

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