The Invasion of Buur + The White Day Event

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image:The Invasion of Buur and the White Day Event.jpg

Greetings Flyffers!

There's not one, but two events this week, and one of them is actually culturally educational

The Invasion of Buur

This is the fourth and final player designed masquerpet making it's grand appearance. Conceived and designed by pohser_, this sheepish and cute little bugger will be roaming the lands of Madrigal throughout this next week. Like the other player designed masquerpets, this critter will spawn randomly throughout each cluster and will offer some neat little trinkets to those lucky enough to hunt it down. Don't miss out! And pohser_, we hope you like seeing your creation in all it's digital glory.

Note that the actual name as intended by pohser_ is Buur not Burr. There was some confusion revolving around this but we'll get names corrected to Buur as soon as we can!

Wiki Note: Buur invasion event ended on 15/03/2011!!!

The White Day Event

To be perfectly honest, this event came as a surprise to us and save for one individual on our team, we did not know what White Day was. For those of you that don't want to read the wikipedia explanation of it, in a nutshell, White day is a follow up holiday to Valentine's Day in Japan and Korea. This is the day that males in those countries go out and procure special gifts for the girls that got them stuff on Valentine's day. It's quite sweet, a little odd to those of us unfamiliar with it, but we sure wanted to run an event that commemorated it.

How does it apply to Flyff? Well, you remember the Love Spirit Angel and the Hate Spirit Demon from the Valentine's Day event? They're back and there's a little hinted romance between the two O.o Turns out they've got a little chain quest going on and they'll have you collecting a 100 each of the following items: image:Pieces of Plastic.png Pieces of Plastic, image:Soft Petals.png Soft Petals, image:Magic Shard.png Magic Shard, and image:Mysterious Dye.png Mysterious Dye. While that may seem like a lot, each of these items will be dropping like ludicrous mad from regular masquerpets level 15 and up. The reward for completing their quest? True to White Day holiday tradition, girls benefit the most and receive a image:Decorative Black Ribbon.png Black Ribbon fashion headpiece for female character's only that provides a +5% boost to Run Speed.

What do guys get back in return? We were afraid that males don't get anything, but low and behold there's a special box that you'll receive called the image:Special Upgrade Box.png Special Upgrade Box which contains 5 Spros, 5 Apros, and an event sunstone and moonstone.

More Information: The White Day Event Quest

Wiki Note: The above chain quest can only be done once per character!

Furthermore, since there's bound to be a ton of quest items floating around, you can trade them in to the new NPC Bongboyaju in Flarine for an assortment of Corsages. They're for females only, but if you're a dude and give it to some hot chick, hopefully you'll score some brownie points

Bongboyaju's Shop menu
Quantity Event Quest Item Item Icon
500 image:Pieces of Plastic.png Pieces of Plastic Pink Corsage (F) image:Pink Corsage (F).png
500 image:Soft Petals.png Soft Petals White Corsage (F) image:White Corsage (F).png
500 image:Magic Shard.png Magic Shards Yellow Corsage (F) image:Yellow Corsage (F).png
500 image:Mysterious Dye.png Mysterious Dyes Blue Corsage (F) image:Blue Corsage (F).png

Enjoy the cute event's Flyffers, and enjoy your stay in Madrigal!

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