The Hunt for Santa's Secret Letters

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image:The Hunt for Santa's Secret Letters.jpg

Hellohello Flyffers!

I'm sure by now you have all seen of, heard of, or better yet, gotten your hands on one of these small mysterious items called image:Santa's Special Letter.png "Santa's Special Letter". Your curious little souls have naturally been wondering just what the snap these wonders are... and if you were smart enough to hang onto them after reading the descriptions on the item, you'll be happy that you did!

Here's why. It looks like some bad elves have gone all looney and threw away all of the Special Letters kids from around the world write and send to Santa for Christmas. As such, Santa needs you now - be that Hero you've always wanted to be! Between now and the 17th of January, go out and hunt for as many of these Special Letters as you can, help collect and get all these Letters back to the North Pole. The 3 players from each server that have the most of these quest items in their inventories on the 17th January will be rewarded with the most epic and valuable presents available yet:

  • 1x Dragon Cloak of the Hero that gives +14 to all stats
  • 1x Red Bike image:Red Motorbike.png

Be very sure to have and keep these items in your character's inventories on Tuesday the 17th of January 2012. We will be checking everyone's pockets on this very day to determine the winners! There will be no room for forgetfulness or late comers, and no "Oopsies" and "Woopsies"!

So go on and hunt, dig, trade, stalk...fight.. for these Santa's Special Letter quest items as fast as you can.. you know you want to c:

Have a very blessed New Year Flyffers! Happy 2012!

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