The Haunting of the Ghastly Ghouls Event

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image:The Haunting of the Ghastly Ghouls Event.jpg

What's this? What are those two things?

It would appear, Flyffers, that male and female ghouls have started appearing throughout Madrigal. Early, preliminary analysis of these eerie creatures reveals a few things: they are highly dangerous, they seem to be infected with some kind of weird and highly contagious virus, they often at times drop phat loot. They have also been sighted several times in pretty much all continents of Madrigal.

One such ghoul that Demian Saint Morning Guards managed to capture alive simply had this to say, "Apocalypse, apocalypse, the end is nigh." The guards were told that they can keep the phat loot.

So there you have it citizens of Madrigal, there's some new weird undead monsters floating about. While it would be appreciated that any and all adventurers go out and rid the land of these unsightly undead things, it would be advised that you wear face masks to avoid contracting whatever disease these monsters are carrying. Keep yourself clean, and stay one quite knows what this disease is capable of...

(Event lasts 2 weeks, "Oct 12, 2010 - Oct 26th, 2010.")

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