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image:The Go For Broke Events.jpg

Hi Flyffers.

For the next two weeks, Flyff is gonna get treated to a game of chance. There's not one, but rather two deceptively addicting games where you can win loads of penya, or lose your life savings

You'll notice the return of a hot gal named Dice Play in Flaris. She'll obviously be the person to talk to if you prefer to try your hand at a game of dice. It's simple, it's fun, it's exciting, just be sure to monitor your bank roll.

Don't like dice? Well you'll also notice the return of a devious little tike known as the Naughty Demian. He'll be chilling right next the mayor in Flaris O.o. This Naughty Demian want's to play a game of Rock Paper Scissors, but he won't do it unless you've got a Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupon. Where do you get these coupons?

Here's the interesting part. You can only get them from the mayor, but he'll only be giving them out to adventurers who bring him 5 image:Snow Crystal.png Snow Crystals which drop off of any level 15 masquerpet and above. So you've gotta earn the right to play Rock Paper Scissors in this town.

With that said, go ahead, give it a try, and have fun, and hopefully you'll chance upon good fortune

Note that Snow Crystals will not be dropping until 12 AM 02/18/2011 (so midnight tonight!)

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