The Game of Chance - RPS and Dice Play!

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image:The Game of Chance - RPS and Dice Play!.jpg

Greetings Flyffers and welcome to a new week!

The new events being introduced are all about chance, and you'd do well to wish for some luck if you want to participate!

BOTH the Dice Play and the Rock-Paper-Scissors events have been brought back and you can win some mighty fine stuff (a profit of 5 times your penya in the Dice Play Event) if lady luck is kind to you!

Here are the details:

For the Dice Play Event, you can find Lady Fortune right in Flarine and you can make a bid to win some penya. Put money down, pick a number between 1 to 6 (or several), roll away and pray the die lands on your chosen digit! Her game is pretty straight forward, albeit brutal, but the rewards are well worth it if you get lucky!

image:Dice Play game.gif

For the Rock-Paper-Scissor Event, you'll find the Naughty Demian standing right next to the Mayor of Flarine! (Weird huh?!?) In order to play a simple game of the event name, you'll need a Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupon! You can use any old ones lying around in your inventories, or you can collect 5 image:Pumpkin.png Pumpkins (which will be dropping off of regular masquerpets level 15 and up), talk to the Mayor and exchange them with a sum of 50k Penya, for a coupon. Talk to the Naughty Demian once again, and do your best! The prizes are a strange assortment of cool stuff, but you'll do well to go for broke and try to win 10 times in a row

image:Rock Paper Scissors Coupon.gif
Mayors Exchange
image:Rock Paper Scissors game.gif
Naughty Demian

More info found here: Rock-Paper-Scissors Event (February 2012)

That's really all there is to it, both games can be brutal, but are oh so much fun to try your luck at em

Enjoy all the events going on Flyffers and have a great week!

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