The FlyFFer's Fortune Event!

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image:The Flyffers Fortune Event.jpg

Greeting's Flyffers!

You'll be pleased to know that not 1, not 2, not 3, but rather, 4 special drop boxes labeled the Flyffer's Fortune Box I - IV respectively will be dropping off of any regular masquerpet levels 15 and up!

What do these boxes contain? Well, there's too many items to list, but each of the 4 boxes has a chance to contain some CS items - some have fashion pieces, some have Amp scrolls, Bead Slot keys, premium area tickets, protect scrolls...really there's a bunch of goodies that will have you peeking into these boxes again and again the more you see em.

If that's not enough for you, we've thrown in an additional Attack Power bonus event to be the icing on this nice little cake! All players will be receiving a global +300 Attack boost!

Both of these events go on throughout the next 7 days.

Enjoy and have fun farming for those pesky boxes while feeling a sudden surge of strength from who knows where O.o.
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