The First Step of Vagrant

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Beginner Quest

Starting NPC

(Food) Losha Location
(Food) Losha Image:NPCLosha2.jpg

The First Step of Vagrant (1)

Quest Starting Location:
Quest : The First Step of Vagrant (1)
NPC : (Food) Losha
Quest Requirement : level 1~5. Having completed previous stage
Objective : Hunt 15 Small Aibatts, go meet (Shield2) Luda
This is a Quest Drop. All of the Masquerpets (monsters of Madrigal) have these and upon occasion they drop to the ground when they die. Some of these Quest Drops are needed for Quests. The Twinkle Stone, which is dropped by the Aibatt is needed in the 1st job change for Magicians, Acrobats and Mercenaries. Assists need Forform

(Sield2) Luda
Select Dialog

Reward: 1500 penya, 55.56% exp at level 3, access to next stage in quest.

Quest Text:

"Hello! I am Losha and I run the Food Shop. I sell food that is helpful for when you lose your Health Points (HP). Each type of food has a different recovery power and level requirement. You can eat the food by double-clicking it in your inventory. Also, you can add them to your hot keys. Please remember that once you eat food, you cannot eat again for a certain amount of time. Now that the lesson is over it is time for some combat! There are a lot of Aibatts to the north. Please hunt 15 Small Aibatts and go back to Luda at the Shield Shop."

Accepting Quest Text:

"Don't be too nervous and please check your equipment again before you venture out. Oh, and don’t forget to buy some food!!!"

Denying Quest Text:

"This is only your first step into a larger world. Don't hesitate, go forth and defeat those Small Aibatts!"

During Quest Text:

"You should hunt 15 Small Aibatts. Please check in the quest window (Q Key) and return to Luda at the Shield Shop once you're finished."

Completed Quest Text:

"Great! You completed your task wonderfully! I can see that you will be very famous one day. If you talk to me again, I will give you another task which will be a little bit harder."

Note: This part of the quest must be received before reaching level 6 or it will not be available.

The First Step of Vagrant (2)

Quest Starting Location:
Quest : The First Step of Vagrant (2)
NPC : (Shield2) Luda
Quest Requirement : Having completed previous stage
Objective : Hunt 15 Small and 15 Normal Mushpang, return to (Shield2) Luda

(Sield2) Luda
Select Dialog

Reward: 10,000 penya 24.45% exp at level 4.

Quest Text:

"I didn’t know that you could accomplish so much this fast! How wonderful! I have one more request for you. There are other monsters around Flarine. They are called Mushpangs. Please wipe them out! If you hunt 15 Small Mushpangs and 15 normal Mushpangs, I will give you a reward. Oh, and hold onto any trophies they drop, as they will be very useful in the near future!"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Yeah, I knew you could do this!"

Denying Quest Text:

"Mushpangs are very easy for you to hunt! Help protect Flarine from this menace!"

During Quest Text:

"You didn’t hunt 15 Small Mushpang and 15 Mushpang yet."

Completed Quest Text:

"It appears there is no monster that can threaten you around Flarine. It's time for you to step out into the world and show your power! Your adventure has just started!"

Next Stage in Quest

  • Quest Complete

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