The Bone Golem Quest Event 2013

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Starting NPC

Laveau Location
Laveau Image:NPCLaveau3.jpg

The Bone Golem Quest Event!!!

Quest Starting Location: Catacombs of Anguish
Quest : The Bone Golem Quest Event!!!
NPC : Laveau
Quest Requirement : You must be a Hero to enter Catacombs of Anguish.
Objective : Gather a Skull, Ribs, Left Leg, Right Leg, Left Arm and Right Arm from the Valley of the Risen and bring them to Laveau. You can only find a random piece of the Bones of the Damned within a box known as the Coffin of the Damned. This box will only be dropping off masquerpets level 120+.

Left Leg of the Damned
Image:Left Leg of the Damned.png
Right Leg of the Damned
Image:Right Leg of the Damned.png
Left Arm of the Damned
Image:Left Arm of the Damned.png

Right Arm of the Damned
Image:Right Arm of the Damned.png
Ribs of the Damned
Image:Ribs of the Damned.png
Skull of the Damned
Image:Skull of the Damned.png

Valley of the Risen
Click for larger image

Reward: Bring Leveau one of each of these six pieces and be rewarded with a new pick-up Pet, the Bone Golem.

Quest Text:

"So, ye be the one challenging the Valley of the Risen. You may get survive, you may get lost to the world. Will you take up a quest for me while you roam this wicked land?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"I require you to be helpin tha unfortunates who never left this land. Bring me tha bones that have not found rest, the bones of those damned!"

Denying Quest Text:

"You turn your back on the request of Laveau… Maybe I will arrange it to be your bones lost inside these walls…"

During Quest Text:

"This is not good at all, you failing me and tha lost souls! Gather the bones of the damned before it is too late."

Completed Quest Text:

"Now it is time to free this poor soul of their bonds… A creature free to come and go from place to place but always will they look upon your face!"

Next Stage in Quest

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Continent Content Color Reference:
World Flaris Coral Island Saint Morning Garden of Rhisis Darkon Azria
Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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