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[[image:{{{class}}}_{{{skill name}}}.png]]
Description: {{{description }}}
Class: [[{{{class}}}]]
Item needed: {{{item needed}}}
Player lvl: {{{player lvl }}}
Max Skill lvl: {{{max skill lvl}}}
Pre-Skill 1: {{{pre-skill 1}}} lvl: {{{pre-skill lvl 1}}}
Pre-Skill 2: {{{pre-skill 2}}} lvl: {{{pre-skill lvl 2}}}
Attack Type: {{{attack type}}}
Region of Effect: {{{region of effect}}}
Attack Range: {{{attack range}}}
Skill Elemenet: {{{skill element}}}
Combo Style: [[image:{{{combo style}}}.gif]]
May be placed in Action Slot: {{{action slot yes/no}}}
Casting Time: {{{casting time}}}
Damage Over Time (DOT):{{{DOT}}}
Stat 1 affecting Skill: {{{Str,Sta,Dex,Int1}}}
Stat 2 affecting Skill: {{{Str,Sta,Dex,Int2}}}

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