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Icon Name Description Amount Bound?
image:2nd Grade - Master Teleporter.png 2nd Grade - Master Teleporter Teleports you to the most important locations in Madrigal. 1 No
image:Casino Box.png Casino Box (M) Contains one part of the male Casino Set. 1 No
image:Casino Box.png Casino Box (F) Contains one part of the female Casino Set. 1 No
image:Flying Special Stick.png Dragon Stick S A flying Broom Stick that is shaped like a Dragon. Maximum Speed 254 km/h. 1 No
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Piercing box of the Hero Contains various 7% and A or B Cards, which can be used to pierce weapons, shields, and armor suits. 1 No
Image:Water Spirits Anger.png Water Spirits Anger Additional Damage to Monsters [Fire] +100% for 1 minute. 1 No
Image:Moonstone.gif Moonstone Rare stone used to pierce suits, upgrade jewelery, and remove gems from weapons. 3 No
Image:Ampere.gif Master Dwarpet Trans Transform into a Master Dwarpet 1 No
Image:sunstone.gif Sunstone Rare Stone use for General upgrading: +1 to +10. 3 No
Image:Starcandy.jpg Super Star Candy ​This super-duper canooper Star Candy increases all stats by +10 for 2 hours. 'Packs quite a punch...' 3 No
Image:Premium Teleport Map.png Premium Teleport Map Allows you to teleport to many different areas of the world instantly. 3 No
Image:Hot Ddukguk.png Hot Ddukguk ​Recovers 9999 HP 5 No
Image:GoldPill.gif Gold Pill ​Recovers 9999 HP 5 No
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