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Name Description Amount Bound? Icon
Riding Cloud (Light pink) A mysterious flying cloud. Maximum Speed: 269 km/h. 1 No image:Riding Cloud (Light pink).png
Cat Set (30 Days) (F) A cat set for female characters. Last for 30 days. 1 No image:Cat Set 30 days.png
Cat Set (30 Days) (M) A cat set for male characters. Last for 30 days. 1 No image:Cat Set 30 days.png
Nymph Hair (F) Black Fancy black hair for Female Characters 1 No image:Nymph Hair (F) Black.png
Luxury Hair (M) Brown Luxury brown hair for Male Characters 1 No image:Luxury Hair (M) Brown.png
Tiger Cub Young Tiger wich follows you overall and collect your items. 1 No image:Tiger Cub.png
Bridge Lovers' Gift Box A wide range of wonderful gift for you lover 1 No image:Bridge Lovers' Gift Box.png
A Premium Box Hundreds of free gift are waiting for you! 1 No image:A Premium Box.png
Amazing Pouch (Scroll of Smelting) Amazing Pouch (Scroll of Smelting) 1 No image:Amazing Pouch (Scroll of Smelting).png
1 Day Extra Bag Expands item carrying limit for characters. (Lasts 24 hours from activation, even if logged off) 1 No image:Icon backpack.jpg
Friendship (A) Summon a player to you (30 sec: Casting Time). This item only works on characters on the same continent or in the same instance. 1 No image:FriendshipA.png
FlyForFun Bundle Box Contains a Fly, For, and Fun card! 1 No image:FlyForFun Bundle Box.png
Seeds of Love Increases Max HP by +150 for 1 hour. Once expired it becomes a Love Sprout. 1 Yes image:Seeds of Love.png
Rhisis Box Treasure box that has Rhisis's blessing 1 No image:Rhisis Box.png
Green Root Beer Increases your Speed by +5% and your HP by +100 for 10 minutes. 1 No image:Green Root Beer.png
Basic Furniture Set (Red) (7 days) Basic Furniture Set in Red 1 Yes image:Basic Furniture Set (Red) (7 days).png
Pink Cake I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn't have one. So I got a cake. Recovers 9.999 FP. 8 No image:Pink Cake.png
Green Cake A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake. Recovers 9.999 MP. 8 No image:Green Cake.png
White Cake Not quite a Chef Duff masterpiece, but it does the job! Recovers 9.999 HP. 8 No image:White Cake.png
Fortrin Mask Box (7 Days) Gift box with a Fortrin Mask that lasts for 7 days and increased your strength (STR) by 5. 1 No image:Fortrin Mask Box (7 Days).png
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