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Snowflake Christmas Magic Dust Name Description Amount Bound?
100 20 Christmas Pet Box A Christmas Pet Box. 1 No
150 20 Christmas Weapon Box A A Christmas Weapon Box A. 1 No
150 30 Christmas Weapon Box B A Christmas Weapon Box B. 1 No
150 30 Christmas Costume 2016 A Christmas Costume Box. 1 No
150 30 Christmas Mask Box A Christmas Mask Box. 1 No
300 70 Power Buff Box Contains many useful buffs! 3 Yes
500 120 Blue Bike Maximum Speed: 276 km/h. 1 No
777 150 Christmas Premium Box A Christmas Premium Box. 1 No
1000 200 Guan Yu's Shell A fancy shield fashioned from the protective shell of Guan Yu Heavyblade. You could use the Item Transmutation system at the Makeup Artist. 1 No
2000 300 Cloak of Bravery A cloak made from the scales of an enormous dragon. It feels warm to the touch. Only the bravest of warriors could possibly have acquired it. 1 No
2000 300 Cloak of Honor One of the legend cloaks (honor, light, sea god), It makes increase drop rate. 1 No
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