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Name Description Amount Bound?
Cross Bow Cross Bow for testing purposes 1 No
Police Club Respect my authority! 1 No
1 Day Azria Ticket You have unlimited access to Azria for 1 day after activating this Ticket. Azria contains monsters from level 73 to 115. 1 No
1 Day Coral Island Ticket ​​You have unlimited access to Coral Island for 1 day after activating this Ticket. Coral Island contains monsters level 43 to 69. 1 No
Scroll of Private Custody Allows you to instantly access your bank. 5 No
Scroll of GProtect This scroll protects armor suits, weapons, and shields from breaking when a piercing fails. To use, place scroll in the appropriate box on the Piercing Menu before attempting the piercing. The scroll is consumed during the piercing process. 2 No
Premium Teleport Map Allows you to teleport to many different areas of the world instantly. This map also allows you to save locations in order to return directly to them later. Each teleport consumes one map. 5 No
Fury Potion Increased Critical Damage +15% 5 No
Golden Snowflake A rare type of snowflake found only during the most awesome Christmas times. Collect these to exchange for amazing gifts at Baby Snowman! 7 No
Elixir of the Fox Increases your Intellect (INT) by +10. Lasts 1 hour. 5 No
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