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Name Description Amount Bound?
Blessed Cloak of the Light This legendary cloak was crafted and blessed by Rhisis hereself. 1 No
Scroll of Unbinding Temporarily makes items, armor, weapons, or other equippable items TRADABLE until the next time they are equipped. Works on virtually any no-trade item. Once the item is equipped again, it will become Soul-Linked. 1 No
Scroll of Amplification ES (S) x1.5 EXP 1 No
Re-Stat ‚ÄčResets your stats 1 No
Special Upgrade Box A box containing various upgrade items. 1 No
Event Box for Version 13 Celebrate the opening of version 13... again. 3 No
Blessing of the Goddess Adds an additional stat to Premium Shop fashion items and cloaks. Target item becomes no-trade unless the blessing is removed by Jewel Manage Peach in Flarine. 3 No
Scroll of Awakening Augmentation This scroll allows you to choose and replace a single awakening on a weapon, armor piece, or pet and replace it with another random awakening. Note that this does not work on items with a single awakening. 3 No
Golden Snowflake A rare type of snowflake found only during the most awesome Christmas times. Collect these to exchange for amazing gifts at Baby Snowman! 33 No
Extra Bag (15 days) ‚ÄčOpen your Backpack (B Key) and drag this item on to one of the bag slots to extend your inventory space. 1 No
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