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Name Description Amount Bound?
Sentinel Mask A Mask which whilst worn it provides +5 to both STR and STA! 1 No
Foraim Mask Beautiful mask which has mysterious power of DEX+1 1 No
Fucat Mask A Fucat Mask! (INT +5) 1 No
Pumpkin Mask A mask which increases your Max HP by +100! 1 No
Rudolph's Nose Glows red! 1 No
Scroll of AProtect This scroll prevents the loss of an accessory when an upgrade fails. To use, activate the scroll before attempting the upgrade. The scroll is consumed during the upgrade process. 1 No
Glasses Box 1 A box which contains a random pair of glasses. 2 No
Glasses Box 2 Contains various glasses and Sunglasses. 2 No
Golden Snowflake A rare type of snowflake found only during the most awesome Christmas times. Collect these to exchange for amazing gifts at Baby Snowman! 7 No
Aura Box ​Contains a random aura change of 15 days. 1 No
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