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Monster Dropped
Icon Name
image:Orcus's Tablet.png Orcus's Tablet
(Twisted Soul) Orcus
image:Bead of Nergal.png Bead of Nergal
(Tormented Soul) Nergal
image:Hel's charm.png Hel's charm
(Demonic Soul) Hel
image:Morrigan's Crystal.png Morrigan's Crystal
(Perverted Soul) Morrigan
image:Mara's Mane.png Mara's Mane
(Anguished Soul) Mara
image:Armor of Ghed.png Armor of Ghed
(Violent Soul) Ghed
image:Ankou's Scale.png Ankou's Scale
(God of Death) Ankou
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