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Acronym Title Description
CS Cash Shop Cash Shop items.
Amp Scroll of Amplification ES (S) An item used to increase the amount of Experience gained from killing masquerpets.
Apro Scroll of AProtect Refers to Scroll of Aprotect, which is a scroll used to protect accessory from breaking while upgrading.
FS Full Shout 2. Can also refer to Full Shout, a Cash Shop item that allows shouting to the entire server.
Gpro Scroll of GProtect An item used to prevent armor from breaking during Piercing.
Spro Scroll of SProtect An item used to protect equipment from breaking during upgrading.
Xpro Scroll of XProtect An item used to prevent a weapon from breaking when upgrading from Unique to Ultimate, and also upgrading Ultimate weapons.
RS Red Scroll Enhanced Party Skill Range also known as the "Red Scroll" in some circles, this powerful party item enhances Party Skills, negating their distance limitations.
Blessings Scroll of Blessing Scroll of Blessing prevents experience (EXP) loss upon death when used.
Velos Scroll of Velocity This is a rare scroll as it is no-longer available from the Cash Shop. This item makes the characters ability to jump and walk at an above normal rate for 3 minutes.
Revs Scroll of Reversion Reverts an awakened item to its original form.
Reduct A Scroll of Reduction A Reduces the required level to use an item by 10.
Reduct B Scroll of Reduction B Reduces the required level to use an item by 5.
Fpro Scroll of FProtect This scroll prevents fashion items from being destroyed during a combination attempt when used in conjunction with the Fashion Compound system.
Rpro Scroll of RProtect This scroll protects your Ancient Rune from destruction during a failed rune socketing attempt.
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