Spring Collecting Event 2014

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The beauty of Madrigal is in danger of failing?

Something is wrong with the tree life of Madrigal! Elite members of the Madrigal Conservationists Society need your help saving the trees before it's too late!

Souls of defeated monsters have begun to crystalize and are emerging after decades of being burried below the Collecting Areas.
These Crystalized Souls provide the perfect fertilizer for the Seeds that monsters throughout Madrigal will be dropping until May 12th.

Starting NPC

Woods Manager Location
Woods Manager Image:NPCWoods Manager2.jpg

Objective: Collect 10 Crystalized Souls and 10 Seeds and turn them in for a reward.

Crystalized Soul x10
Seed x10


Spring Box 2014

Each time you do this you show clear dedication to the preservation of Madrigal's natural beauty!

This Quest is repeatable!

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