Spring Break is Here! 2x Exp, 1.5x Drops, Treasure Box Event

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image:Spring Break is here 2x exp treasure box event.jpg

Greetings everyone and welcome to Spring Break as the banner states.

There's some exciting times to be had this week so I'll keep the events list nice, short, and sweet.

2x Exp Event

Lasts one week. It's self explanatory, but pretty much, all servers will be receiving double the normal amount of exp that it usually does. It's time for grinding and the break affords you all ample time to do so!

Part of the reason for this wonderful 2x exp event is none other than your help with promoting the @gPotatoHelper twitter page! Thank you Flyffers, and please enjoy the event.

1.5 Drop Rate Event

This event also lasts 1 week. It's also one of the events we promised as part of promoting @gPotatoHelper, so thank you all yet again

All servers will be treated to an increased drop rate of 1.5x throughout the next seven days, so enjoy the increased drops alongside the increased exp!

Treasure Box Drop Event

In addition to the other fun stuff going on this week, you'll also notice that both Treasure Box A's and Treasure Box B's will be dropping off of any regular masquerpet level 15 and above. As you grind for that precious exp, you can also look forwards to some nice little box surprises!


Last but definitely not least, this Thursday (24th) and Friday (25th) we, errr I mean Ankou and friends will be hosting some crazy invasions to help you all along with your battles and efforts for exp, loot, and good times. All invasions will be held on the second channel of each server, and please do review the following schedule to know when and where to be to stomp some nasty masquerpets!

Invasion Schedule

Thursday (March 24th)

  • 11 AM - 1 PM: Glaphan & Mia
  • 3 PM - 5 PM: Mushpoie & Demian

Friday (March 25th)

  • 11 AM - 1 PM: Lawolf & Kern
  • 3 PM - 5 PM: Clockworks & Aibatt


That's a nice list of events coming this week :3 We hope you enjoy!

Have fun during your stay in Madrigal, stay classy Flyffers!

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