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Socket Card Operator
Socket Card Operator
Image:NPCSocket Card Operator2.jpg
Continent: Flaris

Area: Central Flarine.

No Quests Available


World Quote:

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Who are you?:

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Shop Inventory

Socket Card Operator enables you to exchange S and 10% Cards to R and 12% Cards. She also exchanged the 12% Cards to 15% Cards.

Exchange Socket Card

Item Piece Exchange 20 Cards to Receive
Image:FireCardABCD.gif Fire Card (S) Image:Firecard r.png Fire Card (R)
Image:WaterCardABCD.gif Water Card (S) Image:WaterCardR.gif Water Card (R)
Image:ElecCardABCD.gif Electric Card (S) Image:ElecCardR.gif Electric Card (R)
Image:LandCardABCD.gif Land Card (S) Image:Landcard r.png Land Card (R)
Image:VolcanoCard.gif Volcano Card(10%) Image:VolcanoCardR.gif Volcano Card(12%)
Image:OceanCard.gif Ocean Card(10%) Image:OceanCardR.gif Ocean Card(12%)
Image:VacuumCard.gif Vacuum Card(10%) Image:VacuumCardR.gif Vacuum Card(12%)
Image:LightningCard.gif Lightning Card(10%) Image:LightningCardR.gif Lightning Card(12%)
Image:EarthquakeCard.gif Earthquake Card(10%) Image:EarthquakeCardR.gif Earthquake Card(12%)

Exchange Superior Card

Item Piece Exchange 20 Cards to Receive
Image:VolcanoCardR.gif Volcano Card(12%) Image:VolcanoCard15.png Volcano Baruna Card 15%
Image:OceanCardR.gif Ocean Card(12%) Image:OceanCard15.png Ocean Baruna Card 15%
Image:VacuumCardR.gif Vacuum Card(12%) Image:VacuumCard15.png Vacuum Baruna Card 15%
Image:LightningCardR.gif Lightning Card(12%) Image:LightningCard15.png Lightning Baruna Card 15%
Image:EarthquakeCardR.gif Earthquake Card(12%) Image:EarthquakeCard15.png Earthquake Baruna Card 15%

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