Silverhearts Exchange + Love-or-Hate Valentine's Events

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image:Silverhearts Exchange + Love-or-Hate Valentine's Events.jpg

Hellohello Flyffers! Love is in the air, and a couple of sweet events have begun!

Starting this week on the 10th of February and running through Valentine's Day until the 21st of February, the Silverhearts Exchange Event and the cool Love or Hate Event will be here to keep you busy, and hopefully aid you in drawing closer to a special someone ;]

For the Silverheart Exchange Event, all you have to do is hunt some monsters and collect the special image:Silver Heart.png Silver Heart Quest Items, and then bring it to the Silverheart Exchange NPC (located in Flaris, Saintmorning or Darkon) to exchange for some amazing rewards! Pretty straight forward huh..

Image:Silverhearts Exchange Menu.png

Silver hearts Event 2012
image:Silver Heart.png Silver Heart Icon Item Quantity
10 image:Silver Hearts Sun and Moon Box.png Silver Hearts Sun and Moon Box 1
50 image:Grilled Eel.png Grilled Eel 3
100 image:Silver Hearts Scroll Box.png Silver Hearts Scroll Box 1
300 image:Silver Hearts Red Scroll and Azria Box.png Silver Hearts Red Scroll and Azria Box 1
500 image:Silver Hearts Red Scroll and Traseia Box.png Silver Hearts Red Scroll and Traseia Box 1
1,000 image:Bubble's EXP Crystal2.png Bubble's EXP Crystal 1
5,000 image:Friendly Baby Kargo.png Friendly Baby Kargo 1
5,000 image:Little Lykan.png Little Lykan 1
20,000 image:Cloak of Bravery.png Cloak of Bravery 1
20,000 image:Mantle of the Raven.png Mantle of the Raven 1
20,000 image:Plume of the Dove.png Plume of the Dove 1


Now on to the Love or Hate Event. This one's really interesting and fancy.. There's 2 new NPCs in Flaris, namely the (Love Spirit) Angel and the (Hate Spirit) Demon. Each will ask you for help, and both will request the same - bring to them 100 image:Heart Piece.png Heart Pieces each. To get a Heart Piece, you will need to hunt down the elusive, chubby, purplish Love Thief. For every 100 Heart Pieces returned to either Love or Hate Spirits, you will receive a very special and precious Quest Item - an Angel Ticket if you choose the (Love Spirit) Angel, or a Demon Ticket should you choose the (Hate Spirit) Demon. These tickets won't do much for now, but do hang on to them!

At the end of the whole event on 21st of February, the Madrigal Gods will descend and count the total number of Angel Tickets and Demon Tickets existing on each server. Whichever side of tickets is the majority, the players holding onto the respective tickets shall be rewarded with an amazing Box of rewards, while the lesser side receives a lesser box. Confused?

Here's an example: At the end of the event, let's say there's more Angel Tickets in total existing on the server than there are Demon Tickets. The players that are holding the Angel Tickets will receive the amazing Winners Box, and the other players holding the Demon Tickets will get a "lesser" box.

Additional info :

The idea of the event is to work together with others on your cluster. Figure out which side you want to help, the Angel or Demon? Love, or Hate. Talk to others on your server, see which side they want to help and raise the number of tickets altogether. Aim high, and hope for the best! Have fun Flyffers and have a great Valentines! =]

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