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Please Note: Shields can ONLY be equipped with One-handed weapons

Level Icon Name Defense min-max
3 Image:GreenShield.gif Green Shield 18-20
9 Image:RoundShield.gif Round Shield 46-48
15 Image:SentinelShield.gif Sentinel Shield 60-62
20 Image:SparkleShield.gif Sparkle Shield 82-84
28 Image:BattleShield.gif Shurain Shield 109-111
35 Image:GyroShield.gif Gyro Shield 132-134
42 Image:VortexShield.gif Vortex Shield 165-167
47 Image:PlusShield.gif Plus Shield 179-181
52 Image:HeavyShield.gif Plate Shield 198-200
58 Image:KiteShield.gif Kite Shield 222-224
63 Image:AvalonShield.gif Aster Shield 247-249
70 Image:AncientShield.gif Comet Shield 265-267
75 Image:IcicleShield.gif Icicle Shield 295-297
82 Image:HileitineShield.gif Hileitine Shield 313-314
89 Image:CoienShield.gif Coien Shield 323-324
97 Image:RukenshiaShield.gif Rukenshia Shield 342-343
105 Image:ToeffinShield.gif Toeffin Shield 364-366
113 Image:CatepoShield.gif Catepo Shield 378-380

Rare Shields

Level Icon Name Defense min-max Bonus added
1 Image:Guan_Yu's_Shell.png Guan Yu's Shell 1-1 None
7 Image:RoundShield.gif Light Shield 41-43 None
11 Image:BattleShield.gif Battle Shield 66-68 None
23 Image:VortexShield.gif Fury Shield 133-135 None
33 Image:HeavyShield.gif Heavy Shield 194-195 None
45 Image:AvalonShield.gif Avalon Shield 276-280 None
57 Image:AncientShield.gif Ancient Shield 348-351 Increased Def
70 Image:IcicleShield.gif Shield of Ivillnes 280-282 STR+1, DEX+1, INT+1, STA+1

!!! WARNING !!!

The following items can ONLY be upgraded using the Baruna Upgrading System!!!

Skill Shields

Level Icon Name Defense min-max Bonus added
130-H Force Master Image:Force Gem of Roentel.png Force Gem of Roentel 1~1 N/A
130-H Mentalist Image:Offerep's Spellbook.png Offerep's Spellbook 1~1 N/A
155-H Mentalist Image:Purified Yggdrasil Spellbook1.png Purified Yggdrasil Spellbook 100~100 Max. MP+2000, Ranged Block+15%, Melee Block+15%

Risen's Armory Shields

Level Icon Name Defense min-max Bonus added
130-H Force Master Image:Demonic Eye.png Demonic Eye 302~304 INT+10, HP+10%, Melee Block+10%
130-H Mentalist Image:Grimore of the Risen.png Grimore of the Risen 302~304 INT+10, DCT+10%, Attack Power+10%
130-H Templar Image:The Doom Guard.png The Doom Guard 453~456 HP+10%, Melee Block+10%, Range Block+10%

Muran Shields

Level Icon Name Defense min-max Bonus added
135-H Force Master Image:Heart of Rhisis.png Heart of Rhisis 415~418 INT+20, HP+20%, Melee Block+20%
135-H Mentalist Image:Tome of Obeah.png Tome of Obeah 415~418 INT+20, MP+20%, Melee Block+20%
135-H Templar Image:Heavens Gate.png Heavens Gate 544~547 HP+30%, Melee Block+30%, Range Block+30%

Yggdrasil Shields

Level Icon Name Defense min-max Bonus added
155-H Templar Image:Purified Yggdrasil Shield1.png Purified Yggdrasil Shield 612~615 Increased HP+38%, Ranged Block+38%, Melee Block+38%
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